"papa," the children call me: musings, vignettes, occasional poems

these are the wonders of being a stay-at-home papa.

they continue to have fun

playing together. Advertisements

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they enjoyed the visit

to a used-books store.

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“joy delights in joy”


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joshua tree

“how did the joshua tree get the name ‘joshua’?” said the little girl.

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school camping trip

the eldest is on a week-long school camping trip. the house is quieter. but we miss her noise.

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“the cuties are sweet,” the little girl said. “as sweet as papa?” i said. “as cute as us,” she said, not missing a beat.

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large steel plates line the avenue in front of the six-year-old twins’ school to cover holes workers have dug to lay cables underground. on the walk home, the girl asked … Continue reading

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